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Haha, my wife just had to get a Macbook Pro, after she got her hands on my shiny new iMac

Our little girl is only 2, so no trouble with that just yet

But definitely! Macs are not like Windows PC's in that respect... If you buy an iMac now, rest assured it will be not just "running" when the next versions of OS X and various software for it are released, it will be completely useable. You'll find many people on these boards are using Macbooks and iMacs, Mac Pros, etc. from several years ago that are still entirely useable still today! Even with the latest OS X version in many cases! So by the time you get that Mac Pro, it'll still be useful for your kids

You won't be disappointed in the iMac I am sure! Just... go into it without trying to do it like Windows! They are completely different as far as the design/mindset around them. And this community is full of amazing people who really know their stuff, so there is always help with just about anything you could come across!

(On a side note: I'm not sure what type of monitor you have, but the display on the iMac 27 is a big plus if you ask me, over getting the Pro and using another monitor! It's higher definition than HD, and it is simply... breathtaking The monitor you have could be awesome too, but I just thought I'd throw in my thought on the iMac screen )

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