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Ironically (or perhaps not), as I'm talking of replacing my tired old dinosaur, my wife has simply had it with her little Dell lappie and is talking of getting a MacBook! In one stroke we might both go Mac.

Now if I can only find a way to keep the kids off my new Mac.

On a side note, it did occur to me I could get an iMac, use it for a year or two, and then go Mac Pro for myself; giving the iMac for my kids. They're 5 & 7 now, so computer use for them is pretty much limited to whatever they can find on Nickelodeon's site, but in a few years, they'll need a little more than the tired old WinXP box can provide.

My other thought right now is the baseline Mac Pro, the Nehalem processor, still comes with only 1066-speed memory while both the dual Westmore processor and i7 iMac comes with 1333; so waiting a year or two for the baseline Mac Pro to "catch up" may be smart money.

I think I just talked myself into an iMac.

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