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Noob here, please ignore if this is in the wrong area or I've made some social snafu in doing such.

So we're looking to get a new Mac. I've build a lot of PC's and could easily do so again...I just don't want to. My last PC was build right before my first daughter was born, 2002, and frankly its coughing up blood. Unfortunately kids are expensive (who knew?) and as such I'd like for my new Mac to make it at least 5 years.

I do plan on doing a lot of graphic editing, video editing, audio editing, and perhaps playing Diablo III when it comes out.

For the money, its (almost) even money to get an iMac 27" (and upgeade the memory off OWC) or get a Mac Pro (and upgeade the memory off OWC). I've got a monitor that'll work fine if I go Mac Pro. So in my mind, its even money. I do like the idea of being able to upgrade my drives on the fly with the Mac Pro, and the case looks bangin', but whats best? Indecision is a...well you know.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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