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Originally Posted by mdfuller View Post
Memory is a cinch. Hard drive is another story. I would use the one that comes with it and see if it will work for you before attempting to upgrade. The Mini has become a very capable little machine:

Mac Mini Model A1347 Teardown - iFixit
I would run the stock drive initially, unless it wasn't that difficult, 5400 RPM drives gives me headaches and would love to just swap it before I put real data on it.

Is the drive swap difficult physically, or the actual install of the OS?
If it is physical, I don't mind, I've been building computers since I was 10 and there isn't much tearing down that bothers me.

Are the iMac's much faster?
Is the 2.66 processor really worth the $150 upgrade price? The memory I can do myself, but I believe the processor you have to chose up front and can't switch later on. 5400RPM drive is unacceptable for me, and I won't use anything long term that isn't 7200/10000 RPM with a large cache.

I assume if I swap out the disk with a WB Black or Intel SSD and bump it up to 8GB, it should perform very well even with PS & LR?
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