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Hey Guys,

I'm new here, and forever I have sworn I would never touch a mac but I am interested in trying one out for various reasons.

I was thinking about getting a mac mini 2GB and upgrading it to 8GB via third party memory. I also noticed it had a 5400 RPM drive, I have lots of 640GB WD Black (Dual Processor) 7200RPM 64 Cache drives and even some raptors, is switching the hard disk to something faster difficult?

My windows box is running Intel G2 SSD drives and raptors, hard disk performance is always important to me, I also run liquid cool system, so any small tweaks I can make to make the experience better would be helpful without getting to deep into it. If I really like it I will buy a Pro.

I run Lightroom 3 and Adobe Creative suite, (although I rarely use photoshop and mostly do my work in Lightroom 3). That is what I want to try mostly initially, but I also want to try other things I typically do in Windows and see how it is under MacOS.

I thought about just getting an iMac as the cost isn't too much of a problem, but I already have 3 24" monitors on my desk and other things and I don't have room to put another monitor, I was just going to throw the iMac Mini on an alternative port of my main HP LP2475w. So the mini is attractive entry point as I don't need to deal with an additional monitor. Although I still have to deal with second keyboard/mouse which is a pain but I can just move one when i am working on the other.

I would rather just try buy the Snow Leopard disk and try it out on VMWare, but the Mac mini is pretty cheap and I don't want to deal with the hassles.
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