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I was just wondering today while I'm reading/watching different news....

What if Flash finally met Apple's expectations? What if they finally allowed flash onto iOS devices....

What would Android have to PINK PONIES about? Their biggest argument all along was "we have flash". What will they YELLOW DAISIES about then? They have 203840 different model phones...none of which are alike, so none of which will fit in all of your ios docks.

Oh so motorola Atrix comes with a dock? What if you upgrade to the HTC Shift or whatever...then what...that dock becomes useless. iOS is amazing because all of Apples products and third-party products for iOS alike are designed to work like that.

So what if iOS had flash, and it met Apple's standards....give me your opinion.

*REMEMBER* This is a "what if" and you have to go under the assumption that it meets Apple's standards.

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