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Yeah, it's always hard to wait!!! But you never know what will come out by the time you're ready Waiting might be an advantage for you, you know?

The Apple store nearest to me, usually has at least one of every model available out for display. Not always, but almost. Chances are if you go in, you'll be able to play around with an i5 and an i7. But it really depends on the tasks you'll do as to how much/if at all you'll notice the faster processor or even more RAM. For example if you just do light photo work or web browsing, word processing, listening to music, etc. you won't notice much difference even with the very basic model vs. the most expensive, as far as speed goes. If what you do only uses 2GB of RAM for example, you won't really notice if you have 4 or 8. But if you do some heavy duty stuff, gaming, HD video editing, lots of multitasking, etc. then you'll really notice the differences

The new laptops are still very easy to add RAM and a new hard drive to. There are screws on the bottom and a cover that comes off. And there are very detailed instructions in the owners manual that comes with it, for changing those two things. And yes, just keep that in mind When we bought our computers at least (it may be different now) The i5-i7 jump was the same price as 8GB of RAM in the MBP. We got the i7, and spent 100 dollars or so on the RAM upgrade elsewhere (from Crucial).

You can always get an SSD later The prices will eventually drop.

Awww, tell him to get his own Macbook!

Good luck!

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