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my family's iMac G5 (late 2006 version) won't start up! its strange what happens tho. i press the power button and i can hear some (sometimes low or high) pitched buzzing! but no start up sound, no picture, no keyboard or mouse connection, its really weird. ive tried plugging and unplugging the power cord, and ive tried plugging it in while pressing the power button! i tried a different power cord, all with no luck!! but here is the really weird part! i plugged in the power cord. then i pressed the power button and heard the buzzing, and then i plugged my phone into the computer and it showed thAT it was connected to the computer! then iu held on the power button for about 6 or 7 seconds and my phone showed it was connected to nothing! idk what ius going on, i just kno we need this fixed!! please help!!
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