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You're saying that you deleted a folder and it wasn't in the trash bin? Are you saying you deleted it from the external drive or from your Macintosh HD?

It could be that you didn't delete it at all. Some new users accidentally drag folders and files to other locations without realizing it, or they see that they probably moved it but don't know where it was moved to. Have you tried searching for your folder in the Finder?

With your external drive plugged in, open a Finder window. In the top right corner you'll see a search bar. Start typing the name of the folder or one of the movies inside and see if anything comes up. If that doesn't reveal anything, select your external drive from the list of Devices on the left. There will be options near the top of the Finder that say "Search This Mac" and "Search (whatever your external drive is called)". Click the one that will search your external drive and try the same search.

You may indeed have to use a third party tool to recover the folder if it is in fact missing. And you may have lost it forever. But I find that the first line of defense with most issues is the simplest one. Couldn't hurt to try. Most of the time when I have a problem, the solution is simple and right there in front of me.
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