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she can get our ISP. what kind of info does having someone's IP address, or ISP they called it, give them anyway?

I've read they can somehow get your home addy from the IP addy! That's spooky to me!

Is that true Moderator?
We don't know these people at all, and I don't want strangers who violate others rights on a website that supposedly don't allowing flaming to get our address either.
Boy, that other guy was put thru the wars by these trolls (people who insult others on the web) on that site. they even knew his home address, his name, etc, but I had heard they once met up IRL.
I don't know, but when we tried to post under another name, and just a topic, that was pleasant and wasn't directed toward anyone at all, somehow they found out it was us!

We have reported them many times to the moderator, but I still see all the hateful posts we have complained about on there! I do think they are friends with the moderator.
It's been so so stressful to deal with these people, period, but I sure don't want someone like that, getting our home address or anything like that.
Is there a good security program for Mac users we can get? I'm starting to feel in fear of getting on the web at all, after this experience with that website, to be honest.
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