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I don't usually leave it on 24/7, but sometimes through the week, it happens You know, going out with the wife and then getting home, forgetting it's on. There's really no maintenance necessary on a Mac Try not to think of it as a Windows machine. They are designed with entirely different uses in mind. Macs are simple. There's no virus stuff to worry about, there's no defragmentation necessary, they are basically a "install, turn on, use" machine. If you clutter it up, naturally you want to clean it up a bit from time to time, but it's nothing like Windows in that regard. That's not to say you can get sloppy, though.

Actually, we watched the electric bill close each month since getting the iMac! I had heard they are cheaper on energy than the older ones. Seems to be true, though honestly it's difficult to tell precisely. Our bills have not increased, and 2 of the 3 months we checked, it was actually a bit lower

I've heard lots of conflicting information about leaving computers (be they Mac, Windows, or Linux) on 24/7. Some people say it wears things out faster, some compare it to a car where the most damage is actually done turning them off and on constantly. Personally, if I think to do it, I turn it off before bed every night, and it stays on throughout the day. I work from home so it is always on at least 9-10 hours, often more. I don't fret if I forget to shut it down, but just because I personally don't care to leave anything on when I won't be using it for several hours, if I think of it, I shut it down.

I don't believe leaving it on causes any problems. My Grandpa has a old iMac G4 that he uses, he loves that thing and swears against upgrading. It's on all the time, and it's still kicking nearly 10 years later. With hardware, it's just impossible to know. You could use it lightly or heavy and it might die after 2 years. You can use it lightly or heavy and it might last 5 or 10 years.

The gloss doesn't bother me a bit! I heard scary stories, but it's impossible for me to notice unless it's off. If it's off, the thing is like a mirror! But when on, the lights behind me, even the window behind me when the sun is out, make minimal reflections on the screen. I suppose it depends on angles and such, but for me, I actually really love it. We even got our MBP with the glossy screen, and it's the same

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