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I'm having trouble deciding between a high-end 13inch Macbook Pro or a low-end 15 inch one.
I am currently using an HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop, 1GB RAM, Intel core 2 T5300, 1.73GHz, running on Vista (d'oh). It is almost 4 years old and keeps overheating and crashing and blocking and all that stuff (driving me insane pretty much).
Both of the MBPs have 4GB of RAM; the 15inch however has the Intel Core i5 (not that I myself have ever tested the difference).

I am a heavy user in that I spend pretty much all my time in front of a computer. However, I rarely (if ever) play games or edit videos; I mostly browse, edit photos and watch movies.

My current resolution is 1200x800 (like on the 13inch MBP).

I've never used a Mac before so I am asking if the upgrade from my current laptop to 13 will be enough (speed-wise mostly) to make me happy and significantly less ******y and irritated and is upgrading even further to 15in worth it?

Also, since I watch a lot of movies, is the 13's smaller screen likely to bother me much (considering that it's the same resolution that I currently have)?
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