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Have you tried:
1. Another browser?
2. Putting Firefox thru AppCleaner (backing up the files that are moved into the trash) and then re-downloading Firefox, preferably some other version (if you use the release, try beta, if you use beta, try the release). Since your at it, try also try reinstalling Flash (I don't know how it works with FF, with Chrome for example, it's bundled into the browser, OS independent). Reboot.
3. Software Update
4. Try booting from another mac via firewire (to save yourself from reinstalling pointlessly). If Flash works, your going to have to reinstall OS X. If it doesn't, it's probably a hardware error. Try Apple Hardware Test, Memtest 86+...

Also, some hardware specs could help. If your talking about an iBook G3, I kind of doubt it will run 720p youtube smoothly, no matter what...
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