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ClockworkWorld. I appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks!

How does you iMac run when you're maxing out the processor. Does it heat up alot? Noisy fans? Any noticeable stalling especially in regards to hyper-threading?

The iMac is a gift so I might be able to get the 8/16GB and 2TB ATA drive covered. If that was not the case, yes, I would look someplace else for those upgrades rather than being locked into Apple prices.

I wish the internal drives (and memory?) were DIY. I know it can be done but it is not as simple as opening up a MacPro. The warranty would be voided if you DIY. Then there is the hassle of dragging the iMac to an Apple store or ASP depending on the upgrade. I just want to customize the iMac so I do not have any need to open the case up until the Apple Care warranty is over.
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