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I'm upgrading my kit - new Mac Pro desktop & new Avid Media Composer (AMC) software...

I edit for a living, but my computer knowledge is pretty rubbish.

I was going to get the quad-core 3.2 Nehalem, 2,368. Then i realized that despite having 4 cores, it isn't a dual processor, and i'm told i need DUAL for HD editing work...

So, now i'm really stretching my budget to the dual quad core 2.4 Westmere, 2859.

Question: Will this be good enough to run AMC smoothly, or does it have to be the 2.66 12 core?

I can upgrade to the Radeon HD 5870, or is it better to upgrade to 2xRadeon 5770? Someone told me the 5870 is the better option!!!

Avid have only tested the Radeons on an imac and the 12 core 2.66. The rest are NVidia - and they reccomend NVidia in general...

Here's Avid's tested Mac set-ups:

Is there an NVidia card i should use instead of the Radeons?
If so, am i right in thinking that those Avid tested with don't seem as good as the Radeons?

'm hoping Radeons are as good as NVidia for AMC, since the NVidia are so much more expensive.

I'm really stuck and appreciate any advice.
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