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Originally Posted by Murlyn
Ok this is what I sent Apple through Safari's bug menu.. I would love to see something like this in any browser.. I just might use it if it had something like this!

This is more of an idea.. it would be nice to have a feature that basically saved the state of the browser.. so let's say you have a couple windows open with a couple tabs each.. then you install an OS update and have to restart.. So I would click on your "Save Browser State" menu option and then restart the computer.. after it reboots you load up Safari and then select the "Execute/Return Browser State" and it would open those windows and tabs exactly like you had them...

Ideas? Thoughts? Any of you have some pull with any browsers?
I like it. I don't suppose you could also suggest to them that the Google search bar also have a "highlight" feature? That's the one thing I really miss about IE on my old PC laptop.


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