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If you want to run a game then you should use Boot Camp since it will run at full speed when using Windows. Read this Mac 101: Using Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp to learn about it. If you have a new Mac then Boot Camp should be already installed on your computer.

The other way to run Windows on your Mac is through software such VMware Fusion or Parallels. The problem with those applications is that you are running both Mac and Windows at the same time which means your computer will be slower for demanding software like games. You can actually have both Boot Camp and one of these applications installed and pick which one you want to use. Boot Camp is free but Fusion/Parallels cost money. Also all three will require you have a copy of Windows.

When you are using Windows you do need to protect yourself from viruses and other Windows problems. Some people don't think they are running Windows when it's on their Mac but yes it's really Windows so you need to take all the precautions necessary. Although if all you are doing is playing your game in Windows then your chances of getting a virus is pretty low. It's when you use Windows a lot to access the internet or share files with other Windows users you'll increase your chances of getting a virus. Either buy an anti-virus software or use the Microsoft free one.
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