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10.6.6 with two networked iMacs. Have been using them very successfully for almost a year, but I'm slowly getting a few tidbits cleaned up.

There are Public folders on each Mac, one for each of four users, with a Drop Box in each of those. From Mac A, as Doug, when I select Mac B from the network, I can see Mike, Chuck and Sarah's Public folders. When I click on each of those folders, I see the Drop Boxes for Mike and Chuck (and can drop things in them), but I can't see Sarah's Drop Box. Huh?

Oh yes, Sarah on Mac B can see my Public folder and Drop Box on Mac A.

The permissions on the Public folders and Drop Boxes for each user on Mac B are identical. Public folders have R/W for User and R for Everyone. Drop Boxes have R/W for User and Write Only for Everyone. The Public folders are all shared. The Drop Boxes are all not shared.

What's going on? Why can't I see see Sarah's Drop Box on Mac B, so I can put things in it? This is driving me nuts! I have access to all of these accounts, so if it takes getting into those accounts to make a fix, that is easily done.
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