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Originally Posted by MacMan886 View Post
Does anyone know if the G4 iMacs have the same capacitor problem as the later G5 iMacs? If they do, I recommend that you pull apart the iMac to see if there are any swollen/leaking caps on the logic board or on the power supply.

If there are any, replace them with brand name ones that match the specs on the side of them....if you don't know how to solder, take the board or power supply to a TV repair shop, and they will be glad to replace them at a small cost.

I've replaced caps before on computers that wouldn't turn on, locked up frequently, had video problems, etc. and it fixed them.

However this may not be your case... you just might have a bad logic board or power supply in general.
I had to assemble the iMac myself, so I did check the logic board while I had it out. All the capacitors are solid capacitors and there are no signs of damage to them.
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