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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Which application is using the jpeg files or created them? By closing down the program that has control over the jpeg files, they then should be movable or deletable. Note that the user desktop is just another folder.
They are straight from a camera. No application is running but Finder.
More info: Thinking it was a permissions thing, I booted from the Mac OSX DVD and repaired permissions, rebooted but no change.
If I try and open or move any of the 8000 jpg files on the desktop it tells me it can't be opened or moved because another program is using it.
I used Terminal to move one of the desktop jpg files to an external drive and it moved! But when I try to open it from the external drive I get "Item [filename] is used by Mac OS X and cannot be opened.

Thank you for giving this issue some thought and energy! I figure I'll find the answer here if anywhere.
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