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Hi, Can anyone help?
I have some files supplied to me(200 a week) which i print. I then have to post them to different addresses.
Heres the question, The 1st 5 letters/numbers(ie M1234) on the files represent an address which is in a database supplied to me in excel(this excel database has over 2000 addresses in it). Can anyone help me or tell me how to get some kind of script that will take the code from the files and select them out of the database? This is a weekly thing and not always the same addresses. At the moment i am doing a 'find' for the code in excel and then copy and pasting into a new document so i can print labels.
Is this something that can be done?

Also are you able to tell it that their is a duplicate address, so it doesn't print 2 of the same label?
PS i am not familiar at all with scripting so if you could give me advice in the simplest terms, that would be great.
Hope someone can help!
Thanks in advance
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