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So I bought my Macbook Pro a few weeks ago, and the first thing I downloaded was Firefox. I noticed that after downloading, when I would use the twp-finger scroll on webpages and the tap-click, every so often I would get a noise as I was doing it. The closest resemblance I could think of is the sound the old iPod Nano's would make when using the clicker and going around the wheel. It was a very faint noise and only audible in very, very quiet rooms. I searched it and it seems very common as a lot of people have it, especially with Firefox. They said the fix was a PRAM reset. I did one but did very little research on it. I am wondering if this would do any harm at all? It did get rid of the noise though! Secondly, any ideas why it would have been making this noise and why a PRAM reset fixed it? Thank you any input is much appreciated. -James
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