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i bought my first mac today and i have a problem.

i tried downloading and installing a program off more specifically frostwire
i have dled it and installed it fine on my gf mac but this one isn't working

the downloading worked perfectly fine but i can't seem to install it.

when its finished dling from the website i get a icon on my desktop that looks like a harddrive. when i click it it opens a new folder which i click on the icon to open it to install it it gives me a message saying :

"frostwire" is an application downloaded from the Internet. are you sure you want to open it?
"frostwire" is on the disk image "frostwire-4.21.2.dmg". safari downloaded this disk image today at 11:08 from"

when i select yes from that message nothing happens

what am i doing wrong?

how can i install this program properly? is there like a seeting that i need to adjust.

thanks for your help
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