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Hello everybody
sorry if I have posted in the wrong section but im desprate for help here.
Today I went to start up my mac and got to the bit where the grey apple aprears and the spinning gear like thing. also I notied a bar under neath all that not even fill up 1/4 of the way before dissapering. I did searches on the problem and tryed all of the troubleshooting boot up keys but still nothing.
I then put my install dvd in and then nothing happens I try everything the C button on start up the option key and only my mac hdd and windows hdd partition show up.

So now im stuck with a mac that wont load past the grey apple or boot up my install dvd to fix the problem.
Please help

and also im running boot camp with windows 7 on my imac. that partition works fine but.

Thanks in advance
also I dunno if this is a problem but I have snow leopard installed on my imac but my boot dvd is 10.5.6 I dont have the snow leopard dvd
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