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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post I'm totally confused! This info doesn't really pertain to what we've been discussing.

You mentioned trying to boot from a DVD disc...and now you say no can that be? mentioned this eMac has 10.3.9 on it. It can actually/officially can run up to OS 10.4.11...and if you use a program called "Leopard Assist" you could run up to OS 10.5.8 (although I wouldn't necessarily recommend it)...since this eMac's cpu is on the slower side for 10.5.

In any case...if you feel that you've gotten the info you needed...good luck with the eMac.

- Nick
No, I have NOT tried to boot from any DVD, I have never said I have at all.
I have said there are no cds as the machine was pre installed when I got it and no cds supplied with it.

I have said that there is no option to use the DVD as boot drive and I thought there would be, thats all.

AND, before you dismiss me with sarastic direspect, I have not "gotten the info I needed" "In any case".
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