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The class designations was actually an error on my part because when I copy and pasted the code I didn't think the file name was capitalized. (but it is in reality).

I'm no expert and am still learning java. The ("counter" + counter*counter) after the println statement is in response to the following requirement:

"In the while loop, output the counter variable. Then output counter squared on the same line with a space in between the two values."

I tried to run even some very basic code:

* This is the main method for this class
* @author XXXXXX
* @param args

public class testcheck {
public static void main(String[] args) {
int one;
String name;
one = 25;
name = "Fred";
System.out.println("The integer is: " + one + "\n"
+ "The name is: " + name);

with the following:

Matthew-lastname-MacBook-Pro-2:~ Matt$ javac Documents/Professional/java/

Documents/Professional/java/ illegal character: \0

Documents/Professional/java/ illegal character: \0

Documents/Professional/java/ illegal character: \0

(This error repeats 100x)

--This compiled and ran with no errors in DOS

I know java is integrated, but is there anything at all I need to download that could be causing this? An update or package or anything?
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