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Ok, i'm trying to install Windows XP on my intel iMac 24. I've used boot camp to create a partition. I'm now to the part where it asks if I want to begin with the windows install. I've got the Wndows install disk in and click continue. A few seconds later, the computer restarts and a white screen is shown. This screen well stay up for maybe 5-7 minutes at which time the computer will again restart and the white screen returns. This process will continue over and over again every 5-7 minutes or so.

At this point, all I have figured out is to turn it off and hold option while turning it back on. This will present me with the option of choosing Macintosh HD to boot from. That is the only option. The computer boots fine once I click that option.

I've tried loading windows from two different XP SP2 disks and one XP SP3 disk. All give me the same result.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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