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I believe I have everything right.

I made a boot disc via Disk Utility (it installed fine on a partition on a PC of mine) and tried booting into the DVD. I got nothing. Take in mind that I do have rEEfit installed.

So, I thought maybe my disc drive has failed. This is a MacBook Pro. It reads most discs, including the OS DVD, but some DVDs and CDs just won't read.

After that, I made an image onto a flash disc and tried booting from that. Holding down the option key gave me both the Mac OS X and Linux Penguin at the rEEfit startup menu.

But, everytime I try and boot it just says "Boot Error"

I've tried this with Linux Mint, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

Is the Macbook Pro just doomed?

Any help would be appreciated greatly!

OS: Mac OS X 10.6.6
MacBook Pro Late 2009 model, Intel Core 2 Duo.
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