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SlyTX, according to Wikipedia, "According to a 2007 SCRI study, Final Cut made up 49% of the US professional editing market, with Avid at 22%.[1] A published Survey in 2008 by the American Cinema Editors Guild placed their users at 21% FCP (and growing from previous surveys of this group), while all others are still on an Avid system of some kind."

So it appears that FCP will only continue to gain ground. I think those who complain about the updates to FCS are those who feel that things should constantly be added to just for the sake of updating, but honestly, I think FCP is rather mature and fully-formed and only needs a few things tweaked to stay competitive. Obviously there are features in other editing programs that are better than their FCP equivalents, but in general I'd say that FCP does more than what I need it to do. However, I too am an intermediate level editor. Perhaps more professional level editors have more needs than I do, but the only thing I've really heard that FCP is lacking in is media management. I'm sure as FCP is improved, such differences will become negligible. I have only dabbled a little with Premiere Pro and it actually seems pretty similar to FCP, which seems to be what most people think.

In general, while it's always interesting to see what new features might come to FCP, I have not been disappointed with it at all. But then I'm not one of these people who thinks that every program, computer or device needs to be updated every single year.
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