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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Sly: thanks for illuminating your situation. I made the mistake of assuming you were working in the field professionally. My bad.

As for FCP/FCS, it's getting another update soon (Steve himself "leaked" this in response to inquiries: "A great release of Final Cut is coming early next year" meaning 2011).

Regarding the external hard drive: someone has misled you about Firewire transfer rates. FW800 is a non-issue regarding transfer rates.

And yes, becoming a serious video editor is (from your perspective) an expensive undertaking. One thing that will help is your student status -- it dramatically lowers the cost of the software, and slightly lowers the cost of the hardware.

If you need to learn Final Cut Studio, then you're going to have to pony up for a Mac at some point. No way around that, but the good news is that even though Macs are more expensive, they also tend to last a long time and are so widely used in the A/V industry that they will be a worthwhile investment. You might want to look at getting one of the higher-end Core 2 Duo Macs if the iX class (new) machines are out of your reach -- I think once the next round of refreshes happen you'll see C2D Macs drop significantly in value.

Good luck!
Thanks for the assistance Chas.

Im certain there will be an impending update. Of course there are a lot of rumors, but often times rumors and leaks come out to be 100% right. The rumors currently are that the release will be in March or April, and that it will lack some features that other competing editors already have. Also, that the new MBP line will exclude in optical drive, and of course, have no support for BD. Although I dont use my opical drives a whole lot, I still have some use for them and would like one, so I would have to get an external one. Either way, the new release of FCP/S will come before the time for me to get a new laptop, thankfully.

I dont mean to sound arrogant about this, but the external HDD speed is very much an issue. FW800 is capped off at about 1/3 the transfer speed of an eSATA connection. Obviously a laptop is not going to have multiple HDD, and this being my secondary machine it may not be an issue at all. However, a lot of Windows laptops have single 500+ GB 7200RPM HDD for very affordable prices. Transcoding several h.264 files into ProRes takes up MASSIVE disk space and even 320GB could be pushing the boundaries of a project with other space being taken up for all my other data.
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