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Originally Posted by RGertner
Currently i have a Linksys Wireless Router and 4 port switch (WRT54G) connected to my Linksys Cable Modem (BEFCMU10). My current systems on the network are my iMac (wireless), IBM Thinkpad (wireless), and my XBox (Ethernet).
I don't think you can use WDS with anything other than Apple at the moment (Airport Expresses and Base Stations only) I could be wrong.

You don't have to get a base station to replace the linksys, you can get an Express instead. Because your iMac and Thinkpad are wireless, you don't need the ethernet port to be LAN, so you'll use it on your cable modem as WAN base station, then setup WDS for the other Airport Express as a remote base station. On the remote AE, use the ethernet port for your XBox.

My setup consists of a Base Station on the DSL modem, LAN port goes to a switch, trunked to my shop for servers and clients, and an Airport Express sitting in my entertainment center with TOSLINK fiber to my surround sound system for AirTunes, the ethernet port goes to a Netgear switch in the entertainment center for Xbox, PS2, future upgrades, etc... Works nicely.

I will eventually an AE in my kids room for their iMac Rev A. so they can get online, but not yet.
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