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OK, I think I have my answer, but I am still looking for more information.

It seems what I am trying to do, is possible, but not with the equipment I have. If I continue to use the Linksys Wireless Router and my Airport is just a client, then the Ethernet port isn't used, so if I was to plug my Xbox in, nothing would happen.

So, in my searches for information, it looks like there are 2 solutions, one expensive, and one not so expensive.

Expensive and Clean:
To accomplish what I want, it looks like I would need to replace my Linksys with the Airport Base Station and then setup Wireless Distribution System (WDS) between the Airport Express and the Airport Base Station, using the Express as a remote.


Less Expensive and not as Clean (Aka, more clutter)
I could just purchase a Linksys Wireless G Game Adapter (Or comparable product) and use the Airport Express just for playing airtunes.

I haven't made up my mind on which direction I am going to go yet and want to do alittle more research on the topic, but just wanted to give you an update.

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