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Originally Posted by Oneironaut View Post
The only reason to get a Mac for editing is because FCP is fast becoming an industry standard and the more editing programs you can use the more of an asset you become. Once I master FCP, I will probably also get Premiere and Avid. The more you know, the better.

Also, since Apple makes both the computer, the OS and the application, there are less conflicts and more stability, which is important in editing because you don't want dropped frames. It seems that since creative professionals have been using Macs for a long time now so there's a legacy of use in the industry. OS X has always offered a rich infrastructure to support media applications. In Windows, the application developer must create much of this infrastructure at the application level. The result is that applications may not work together as well.

As for the computer itself, your specs are great but may be overkill. I use a 3-year-old Macbook Pro to edit with Final Cut Studio on a regular basis and it still clips along pretty well. On a newer model MBP things would probably get done in a twinkling. Mega specs are fun and impressive, but often times unnecessary unless you're doing work on major features.

But if you're not even interested in getting a Mac or using anything but Premiere, this whole discussion seems moot.
Thanks a lot for the replies, everyone.

Oneironaut, based on your response I am assuming you have some experience with editing especially in FCP, perhaps you could share your opinion about it with me. From what I understand a large part of the professional editing industry uses the Avid software, another large part uses FCP, and the rest use a mix of others. With the state of Final Cut Pro, that being its under satisfying latest update and now, lack of updates, do you think FCP is going to gain anymore ground? Theres been a lot of talk on the blogs and forums I visit about dissapointment with Apple and FCP and a lot of those users admitting to converting to Premiere. Wether this is really effecting the industry, however, I am ignorant to. Have you had the chance to use CS5 at all? Any comparison you can personally make?

Chas, I am a student who works part time in a restaurant, I am not getting paying editing jobs at this time. I am first in line to shoot and edit a music video for an amateur artist and was offered $800 for the whole thing. That COULD happen, its supposed to be some time after February. Besides that, Im making a minimal income with monthly bills, Im 24 and dont get money from my family. I say two years because right now I have my desktop and my nearly 4 year old HP laptop that is still running like a champ, I just put Windows 7 on it and am expecting it to run for another 2 years. I also use Adobe Lightroom, Photo shop and After Effects. A lot of these programs benefit greatly from fast processors and a lot of RAM, especially AE. I highly value the components in a computer and in my opinion, paying as much for a MBP with the components I would want seems counter productive. $200 for an extra 180GB of interal HDD space is very expensive in comparison to HDD costs in general. I would not want to use an external hard drive because the transfer rates are greatly limited over USB/Firewire interface. In practice the laptop would not be my primary editing machine, but I still would be hesitant to accept spending as much on my laptop as I would on my primary machine with lesser components. However, I am still stuck HAVING to learn FCP, unless this next release is a serious dissapointment within the industry and Premiere begins to gain even more ground. However, I just dont know how possible that is.
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