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The only reason to get a Mac for editing is because FCP is fast becoming an industry standard and the more editing programs you can use the more of an asset you become. Once I master FCP, I will probably also get Premiere and Avid. The more you know, the better.

Also, since Apple makes both the computer, the OS and the application, there are less conflicts and more stability, which is important in editing because you don't want dropped frames. It seems that since creative professionals have been using Macs for a long time now so there's a legacy of use in the industry. OS X has always offered a rich infrastructure to support media applications. In Windows, the application developer must create much of this infrastructure at the application level. The result is that applications may not work together as well.

As for the computer itself, your specs are great but may be overkill. I use a 3-year-old Macbook Pro to edit with Final Cut Studio on a regular basis and it still clips along pretty well. On a newer model MBP things would probably get done in a twinkling. Mega specs are fun and impressive, but often times unnecessary unless you're doing work on major features.

But if you're not even interested in getting a Mac or using anything but Premiere, this whole discussion seems moot.
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