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I guess I am about an intermediate video editor/camera operator, using the GoPro HD, Canon t2i DSLR and Canon Vixia HF200 camcorder. I currently use a Windows 7 desktop with Intel i7 860 processor and 8GB of RAM, that I built. I use the Adobe CS5 package including Premiere. However, several of my peers are Mac users and Apple enthusiasts in general. We are mostly in community college together and they prefer to use FCP for editing, but still photo shop and after effects.

Now I am quite productive with my Windows computer and Premiere, but they insist I will not be taken seriously as a content producer without ditching my Windows platform and conforming to the Mac. I kind of had to throw in my own opinion about a lot of jobs looking for FCP experience to get them to come up with an actual good reason for us to be using a Mac computer at all. I dont fully disagree with this, but with the current state of FCP, as well as the current state of my NLE of choice, Premiere, my learning and productivity isn't being held back at all. A lot of my peers and class mates are very impressed with my productions and honostly some of theirs are very poor and lack even the least bit of "techy" editing.

I honostly wont be buying a new computer any time soon, atleast 2 years I anticipate. I just cant afford it, especially a mac. The idea of paying as much as a Mac costs and getting an under powered machine makes me queezy. I would hate to be forced into the position of owning a Mac and using FCP just to conform to my peers, so that I can be "one of the guys" and gain respect solely based on the fact we share the same computer. So can anyone convince me other wise?
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