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Situation: Mac Mini with 100GB HDD. 40GB to OSX and 60GB to Win7 Running out of space, so I obtain a 500GB from OWC.

I don't really use the MAC install, so I dont bother with a backup of that, but I use Windows 7 Disk Backup.

Fast forward to post-HDD install. I install Snow Leopard and run Boot Camp Assistant. I allocate 150 to OSX and the remainder to Win7. Instead of booting from the install disc, I boot from my rescue disk, and perform a restore.

However, it turns out the restore assumes it's on the same HDD and rewrites the partition table to match the old one. Win7 now sees the OSX drive as 40GB and itself as 60GB, with the remainder as unallocated space. However, OSX still sees the partitions the old way. While both OSs currently work, I imagine the day will come when bad things happen to my data if they have conflicting partition maps.

I now have the old drive attached via USB. I also have an empty 500GB external drive.

How can I do a disk image - like backup of a Win7 install (preserving files, programs, settings; everything) without it rewriting the partition table and causing Boot Camp havok?

Is there anyway of doing a disk-image
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