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Originally Posted by AUZambo View Post
Yeah...this is what I came here to say. I was playing with my SBSettings this morning and saw the option to have both battery life and wifi strength displayed as numbers. I immediately thought of this thread.

I kinda like the number display for wifi. If you have the typical display then strength can only be displayed on a scale of 4 or 5. With the numbers it appears to be on a scale of 0 to you a much better idea of how strong the signal is.

I'm guessing this problem stems from my old jailbroken 3G, despite me restoring it back to the factory settings - I can only assume this little bit has got stuck in there somehow?!

If I put the phone right next to the router, it goes as low as -2 and up to -90 the further away I go.

But I agree with AUZambo, it is a more accurate method. And seeing as I live in a basement flat surrounded by tall buildings, it would be nice to know where my best mobile signal spot is!

It'll be interesting to see what Apple say, so far they've been stumped, but they won't have any knowledge (or if they do they won't let on!) about anything that isn't officially Apple. Actually, one of the guys did say he thought he might know what it was and started to Google it, but then changed his mind and said he must of been thinking about something else! I've just Googled 'iPhone wireless symbol as numbers' and the only relevant things I could find, was a link to this thread direct, and indirectly via

Well anyway, I'm just waiting for a call to take the MacBook back in, and then I can hopefully get some sort of answer and cure....
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