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"Get Real... it happens." IS what I am talking about... The "Get Used to It" style of help is what turns of other users. Windows People Hate Windows too so you rarely get chastised about Windows Questions.

Praises, there are plenty
I find it simpler to get around.
I love the Finger Gestures on the MagicPad
I have always liked the way applications are protected and require authorization to make changes... a Major Windows flaw.
A cleaner look & feel
I like the way the applications are managed and can just be "deleted"

I would really mostly like to have CUT available and I can deal with everything else. The Deauthorize all is aggravating even though for someone else it was no issue. I forget to deauthorze sometimes when I rebuild and just do not see why I would need to wait to deauthroize all ever anyway?
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