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Decided to List Apple Gripes from a Recent Windows Convert (I am a Windows Technician for a University by day, iMac and macbook Pro at home)

-You can Never Convince me that their is a Better way than allowing "Cut" in Finder... Truly annoying.

-iTunes and Authorizing Computers. You can Authorize 5, but you can only "De-authorize All" once a year?!? Annoying...

-Not an Apple Gripes technically but If you make an iPad App which is available on the iPad/iPhone then it should be one purchase. I bought Amplitube for iPad and the iPhone on looks exactly the same. Just missing the "+" and there is no warning that you are about to spend another $20 by accident. The Amplitube writers are mostly to blame. But Apple's app store does not warn enough.

-Where is my list of purchased apps anywhere? I am talking about a list of apps I have deleted as well. I know it gives you a list of bought invoices, but not all apps are listed.

-Full Screen a Window. Really? Not available?

-The Dock cannot be set to be behind open windows. Minimize is fine, but I would rather see the dock instead of hide it, but the waste of screen space when a window cannot go in front of a dock.

If you can tell me otherwise, much appreciate it.

Last Gripe: Mac Users

Mac users who answer questions from Windows Users are kinda rude. If I ask how to full screen a window, I get chastised for saying "window" and then I get, "Windows Full screen sucks, and you do not want to do it" That is no answer.

Anyway... enough gripes... Would love help on some of these.
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