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Hi guys,

so i started upgrading my powermac half a year ago, with the 500gig HDD, Ram, and processor.

the project has been halted for a while since to install my processor i need an OS 9 cd, to install os 9 on another HDD and install the processor drivers.

anyways, so back to the main question.

since i upgraded from 10.2 to 10.4 i've been getting a Flashing Folder with a question mark, but the computer does manage to eventually start up after a few minutes.

heres what happens.

-i boot up the computer
-i get the Flashing Folder with Question Mark
-dvd drive opens
-after 30 seconds or so the computer starts normally and eventually closes the dvd drive alone.

but for some reason this doesnt happen when im restarting.

is this because the main drive is 500gb and i have it pluged in via a pci IDE card? should i have the main drive (6gb) and the 500gb as a slave?

how do i fix this?

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