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Hmmmm, maybe Weiser, I haven't found them yet though, so I guess it's just a jailbreak thing....?

I am getting nearer to getting this sorted though, I restored my phone and went for a clean install. No numbers, just the Wireless symbol as it should be. But, when I backed it up to my old settings, symbol went, and the numbers returned! They came back as soon as I started to put my backed up files back on it. So the Genius's guess would seem to be spot on, next step is to find out where this corrupt file is, and get it removed. The texting seemed to be better on the clean settings, but seeing as I forgot to write some numbers down, it was difficult to say for sure - I could only remember one number! I did make some calls (to o2 to see if my SIM was faulty) and despite having a three or four bar signal, it did still drop the call a few times before connecting. The response from o2 was as usual, pathetic! No apology, no attempt to resolve it, so I thought up yours and asked for a PAC code - I'll take my SIM free, privately bought iPhone elsewhere thank you!
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