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I am also having this exact same problem. I have mini dv tapes from 2006. When I try to import this video to my startup disk of my 2009 MBP using imovie 09', the video preview AND playback (after import is finished) is choppy and plays in 3-5 second intervals. There is also horizontal bars through the frame which comes and goes. This is my first time trying to import video to my MBP. Hope someone can help.

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The placement on the tape shouldn't matter.

If you mean it was choppy DURING the import, I wouldn't worry about that. If it was choppy after the import, then yea, there is a problem. During import the priority is to get all of the frames onto the hard drive.

iMovie recognizes where you started and stopped between recordings and uses that information as split points to create separate files.

What software are you using?

Are you importing to your startup (internal) drive?
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