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Weiser, I'm not sure what SBSettings are, or where to find them! Is that a typo?!

And roflitskyle, I did try that thanks, but it didn't make any difference.....

I made a Genius appointment today and it managed to baffle at least three members of staff! Taking their advice, I've restored the phone to it's factory settings and I'm yet to see any numbers where they shouldn't be! The signal seems to be a bit up and down still, but like she said, that might well be down to a dodgy SIM card. It wouldn't be the first time I had a duff card.

The theory is, that there's something lurking in my back up which is causing this numbers / wireless and maybe the other issues too. That would explain why it was on my old phone, as well as the new one.

In other news:

I'm a very happy MacFanDan, they replaced the battery in my MacBook for free as it had a fault on it that I didn't even know about - it was doing this weird thing where it jumped out of sleep if you used the alt, apple, eject shortcut. (But fine if you went to the Apple logo in the top left) So I asked them to run a diagnostic check on it, they're also replacing the battery connector switch. Total cost to me: 5.88! Service like this is what sets Apple apart.....

I'm doing that rambling thing again, sorry, I'll let you know the outcome of the iPhone scenario......!
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