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I am having trouble transferring a specific file from my iMac (mid-2007 w/ 10.6.5 OSX) to my Macbook Pro (current model, w/ 10.6.5 OSX). I don't want to do migration assistant to my Macbook, because there is a ton of information on my iMac. So, I dragged the file to my iMAc's public folder.
I opened my macbook and clicked my iMac's HD through shared in finder. I can do this file sharing through wireless internet (Apple Airport extreme). When I clicked the public folder (the only viewable through fileshare) and it opened, but it made the loading icon with no success and never loaded. I CAN view this public folder AND the file on my other 3 macs I have in my house, but my macbook can't. So I copied the file onto one of my other iMacs, and put it into it's public folder. I could view the public folder AND its contents of this other iMac on my macbook. But when I opened it THIS time, the same thing happened! It never loaded. Is it a file corruption or something? The file contains .XML documents from Microsoft Word.

I have tried-
Restarting Computer.
Flipping on and off Fileshare via PReferences.
In Fileshare preferences, I clicked "Everyone" to "Read and Write".


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