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I am a new member on here. I possess a MacBookPro 13" with a 2.4 Ghz intel core 2 duo processor and 4 G of ram. I just purchased Final Cut Express from Apple today. I was wondering what you guys (as in people who have used it) think of it? Is it user friendly? Is it easy to switch over from iMovie? I am curious. I have seem the Pro version (the new one, and the one made for PowerPC macs) and they seem to be confusing at first glance. Is Express easier to use because it is trimmed down? Are there anything important pointers I should have? I think 4 G of ram should be enough. Considering the MBP is more for movie editing than the MB . Anyway, if someone could get back to me on this, that would be wonderful.
I just recently got into iMovie, and I find it works great but is limited. It is however a great gateway for FCE. I recently purchased FCE, and the learning curve is a bit daunting, perhaps I will stay with iMovie for a while. As for your hardware, I have both a MacPro, and an MacBook pro. The MacBook pro had 4g of RAM, while the MarPro has 8g. There is a marked difference in the performance, but for what I do they both work.

I don't know if this helps, but it's just my two cents . . .
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