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Hey all,

My first iPhone (3G 16GB) used to sometimes display the wireless symbol as numbers. The numbers are prefixed with a -, and my guess is that it's something to with signal strength as the numbers do vary. I took it into the Apple store and the guy said he'd never seen that before, and had no idea why it was doing it. My independent Mac guy said the same.

I put it down to a glitch in that phone, and when I replaced it with a 3GS 32GB, I expected to not see it again, but I did! It's not just my wireless network at home, but any network (even the one in the Apple store)

Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Oh and while I'm here, I'm having other issues with the new 3GS 32GB. I seem to have a much more variable signal strength with it - for example, I can be sat in the same place playing a game or something, but the signal will go from nothing to two bars within a few seconds. Also, the other day I had a good signal but no call I tried to make would connect (I tried about ten different numbers just to be sure it wasn't them being out of signal) I turned the phone on and off and then it worked. I bought the phone privately, and it was a warranty replacement phone from Apple, that hadn't been used by the owner. There's been other things, like texts taking hours to come through, and coming through in batches of two or three. For example the time stamps in messages were 17:21 and 18:48 - but they came through at 20:15 within seconds of each other?
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