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Originally Posted by idrinorbarsaku View Post
What's hard to understand? Most of those apps run the battery down fast enough for people to associate that problem with jailbreaking. Lockinfo runs well, but it also runs the battery down, which could also be said about most apps that run constantly in the background.

Uh no it doesn't... I run it and my battery lasts throughout the day without problems and it is a 3G. It does put additional strain on the battery but it doesn't run it down fast and this certainly has nothing to do with the slowness that people had with jailbreaking. Early JB slowed the phone down because of crappy kernel building but for the most part that has been resolved. This has nothing to do with app coding.

That being said, there are apps that do stuff like drain the battery and make the phone run hot (MyWi and My3G for instance) but that is to be expected considering you are bypassing certain restrictions that Apple put in place for this exact reason. Even Face Time on WiFi will drain a battery pretty fast. I guess Apple coding isn't efficient?
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