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Originally Posted by credential View Post
1) There are so many different external hard drives when i run searches...given that I will need mine for both Mac and PC computers, should I be narrowing my search to certain kinds? Anything I should look for? (I had been looking at the WD Elements 1TB Desktop External Hard Drive, but I'm open to other ideas).
WD are regarded as the most reliable HD manufacturer, and I know their externals do not disappoint. Just make sure you have an AC outlet open as all the 3.5" drives need AC power to run. You should get one with USB 2.0 and Firewire, as the MBP has the firewire connection. Buffalo is another great manufacturer.

Look - BUFFALO DriveStation Combo 4 1TB USB 2.0 / IEEE 1394a / 1394b / eSATA External Hard Drive HD-HS1.0TQ The turbo boost available on Buffalo drives increases the speed of USB2.0 by a good margin, 60% as advertised, I think it's not that fast, but it does decrease total transfer times.

2) Based on some reading on this forum about the topic, I believe that I'll need to create different partitions on the external hard drive. I believe I'll need a separate partition for the TM backups. (based on a 320 GB that will eventually be filled to capacity, any recommendations on how large to make this partition?)
Make it 320gb. There are 2 kinds of Backups. TM and Bootable backups. Programs like SuperDuper! and CarbonCopyCloner make bootable backups of the OS, so they are exact copies of your HD.
Second question about partitions...beyond the TM partitions, is it recommended that I run two separate for the MBP (additional files, not for TM) and another separate partition for the PC computers that I'd be backing up?
Well either way you backup, the files will get backed up that are important (music, photos, docs, etc). If you want, make one partition say 320gb for your internal, then like a 150gb partition for other Mac files, then the rest to PC, or however you decide.
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