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so the iphone 4 i just got (love it) was already jail broken & had some games like angry birds on it (not legit of course)

now since i was in testing mode i tried out everything i could on it...but i would at some point to restore everything to normal & update the os.

now i have a few questions related to this.. i need to manually delete anything...or with "restore" wipe everything automatically?

2..if i backup..will it backup all changes i made? (like the wallpapers & settings for the phone etc.)?

3..will it also backup the jail broken apps? because that would sort of defeat the purpose in a way

4..what will happen to my scores & game centre data? if i now buy angry birds or something from the app store..will all my game data be gone?

hope someone who had used the backup/restore or gone back to jail can help me with this. thanks

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