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Okay guys
I am selling my MBP and trying to back up its hard drive first. I am currently working on my 5th attempt at using Carbon Copy Cloner. I have full faith in this program and totally blame myself for not getting it to work. Everytime it gets to a certain point in the backup process I get a pop up dialog box telling me that there is some sort of error with my Final Cut Application Support. I took FCP off my computer and did it again. Same problem so I went to Library and then found Application Support and drug the FCP app support file to the trash (I have the restore discs so no biggie). Did it again and got the same pop up box... I let it finish and at the end it told me there were Input/Output errors, which I assume is about the FCP bit. So I reformatted the external hard drive yet again with disk utility and started the process over once more. We will see if it works this time around, but I highly doubt it...
Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? To be honest, as long as everything else is correct then I don't really care if the FCP is the issue... I can reinstall that on my new computer, but I just want to make sure everything else is secure (music, pictures, documents).
Thanks for the help
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